We are living in a connected world that allows for constant contact, engagement, and collaboration. It is a world where every entrepreneurial idea can be explored, where small business can reach huge audiences, where arts and culture are vehicles for the voices of our communities, and where activism can inspire millions to collective action. Innovators with change-making ideas have an opportunity to redefine the human experience, and successful entrepreneurs often are or become celebrities and leaders.

Entrepreneurship is aspirational, but the reality of entrepreneurial success is that it is a uniquely challenging pursuit for marginalized communities. There are embedded structures in the pursuit of the American Dream that make it far more difficult to succeed without proximity to wealth, a favorable zip code, access to quality education — and across all of these categories the black community in America is disproportionately disadvantaged. Hard work does not always have the same horsepower, but it should.

We believe that the connected world should be the empowered world — one where innovation focused on accessibility drives economic equity for communities and where a sustainable approach to opportunity development dismantles systemic barriers to success for marginalized innovators.

AMP exists as an access hub for innovation. Our mission is to optimize resource allocation for the next generation of innovators from marginalized communities by giving good ideas the necessary access to a path of sustainable growth. We seek to build bridges of opportunity for individuals to do work that is both fulfilling for their American Dream and sustainable as a means to make a living, with the ultimate effect of creating returns for the individuals, the supporters, and the community as a whole.

We believe that radical change is possible when we work together as a collective community to do what is necessary, and that arts and culture must be a part of the community consensus that leads to community action. When we bring together people with different perspectives, assets, and needs, we have opportunities to innovate and produce.

We’re calling on entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and anyone with a dream or an idea to connect with us, exchange value, tell us what you need, and take action to build sustainable equity in the communities we serve together.

We believe that economic equity is necessary to make radical change possible. That change starts in community, and our community is open.

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empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs and creators to build businesses that work, and work for them.