Chasing Entrepreneurial Freedom

Throughout America’s history, entrepreneurial freedom has been an economic driving force that has created jobs, spurred innovation, and provided a path to build wealth. Most frequently, that entrepreneurial freedom has been reserved for a small subset of privileged individuals who have access to opportunities to build on their passions.

At AMP, we want to unlock entrepreneurial freedom for everybody. We believe that outcome will be possible when every person is offered the agency to build a career around their passions, whether they’re starting their own thing or not. People deserve to feel self-determination in the role they play in the world, today and in the future.

There is an opportunity, in the digital-native era, to strive for entrepreneurial freedom. To achieve it, there must be a community effort to establish new technology to replace old systems, new ideas for what it means to be employed, and new definitions of success. We’re confronting a problem of access and bias, and disparities in entrepreneurship exist for many people, including, but not limited to, women, BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, veterans, and the formerly incarcerated.

At AMP, we’ve spent the last year building a platform to ensure that diverse founders have access to early-stage funding. We’re lucky to count on a growing community of allies who are doing incredible work toward our broader shared mission. Companies like Visible Hands, BLCK VC, and Future Capital are born of a broad, vocal, entrepreneurial cohort of founders determined to ensure that we achieve economic equity in our communities. Working together, we’ll build an ecosystem of opportunities to make entrepreneurial freedom possible everywhere.

We want to meet and collaborate with every organization that is creating progress within the opportunity for entrepreneurial freedom. If you or somebody you know is working to solve disparities in entrepreneurship, or if you know of an institution that wants to get involved, reach out to and we’ll get started.